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Meet Dr. Tonya

I opened John Henry’s Sisters because it is my belief that people can benefit from learning new skills and habits to help them live their best lives possible in spite of various challenges – something we all experience.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and certified life & executive coach, it is my joy and honor to help people grow and develop so they can live life more abundantly. I have over 20 years of experience in the field, with particular expertise in multicultural and women’s issues, as well as health psychology, trauma due to media and other content exposure, stress associated with toxic workplaces, and working in high-stress, high-risk occupations/environments.

I am also a former minority fellow of the American Psychological Association, former university educator, and have published in peer-reviewed journals.  Furthermore, I co-authored a chapter in the Handbook of Racial & Ethnic Minority Psychology, served as the mental health expert for a Black wellness website, and have given numerous national and international talks and workshops. I am also a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioner.

Whether you are learning how to establish healthy boundaries with family members, serving as a C-suite racial/ethnic minority woman exposed to racial microaggressions in the workplace, or are a parent working to develop regular stress management techniques, it is possible to move from a space of surviving to thriving.

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Why the Name John Henry's Sisters?

When I was a little girl, I loved reading African and African-American folk tales. One of my favorite stories was about John Henry. The tale goes that during the height of the railroad expansion across America, John Henry was an incredibly strong Black man who boasted that he could power through a mountain to make way for railroad tracks faster than a steam-powered rock drilling machine. John won the race against the machine, but ultimately lost his life at the end of the race. His heart and body gave out from the stress of the competition.

As women, we are sometimes in situations where we often feel we must give of ourselves to our loved ones, our friends, our community, and our careers, with us receiving what little is left over. Unfortunately, if we are able to use what remains, it is generally not enough for us to live healthy lives – mind, body, and soul. How often do you feel as if you are running one long, unpredictable, tiring race? Do you sometimes wonder how long you can continue at the pace you are keeping without losing yourself and your peace?

At John Henry’s Sisters, our goal to assist you in creating and mastering skills and resources so you can thrive long after the competition is done and not collapse at the finish line.

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